Download Clone WhatsWeb App To Spy on Someone’s WhatsApp Chat

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Have you been suspecting your girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse of cheating? Do you want to keep tabs of what your children chat on whatsapp? Do you have someone you want to monitor his or her activities on whatsapp? I have a solution to your dilemma. All you have to do is download an application called Clone WhatsWeb on your phone. It’s an android application that avails you the ability to spy on any whatsapp account of your choice.

WhatsApp is world’s most popular IM platform with billions of users globally on daily basis but while it has being very useful in most cases, it has also been used for the negative reasons affirming the fact that everything with a positive side also has a negative side. So if you wanna catch who that boo of yours is chatting with on Whatsapp, simply download this clone version but…

PLEASE NOTE: The information here is for educational purposes. This can ruin a relationship or union so I’m not responsible for anything that arises after you have used this feature. Also remember it’s against human right and even WhatsApp TOC to spy on someone’s whatsapp chat without his or her consent!


Clone WhatsWeb makes use of the QR code to connect any whatsapp account. Once the QR code of a whatsapp account is scanned, it will automatically authenticate and connect. As soon as connection has been established, you will start receiving all messages from that account in your phone while the person will also be receiving messages and chatting normally without knowing. – kind of badass… WhatsApp Clone allows you to run two WhatsApp on your smart devices (Yours and someone else’s).


  1. You can clone your work account to your personal phone/tablet or vice versa.
  2. You can use same WhatsApp account on mobiles and tablets.
  3. You can have 2 WhatsApp account in same mobile.
  4. Send and receive messages, pictures or even videos from your friends and family with Clone WhatsApp easily!
  5. You can secure your Clone WhatsWeb for whatsapp with Password.
  6. You can easily catch your boyfriend, girlfried, husband/wife who is cheating on you


  • An Android Phone
  • WhatsApp Clone App (Clone WhatsWeb)
  • Access to your victim’s whatsapp account
  • Internet connection.


  • First, download Clone WhatsWeb App apk
  • Next, Install the Clone WhatsWeb app
  • You can enter a new password to secure your WhatsApp clone (this is optional)
  • Launch the Whatsapp Clone app you installed and you’ll see a QR code
  • Then open the victims phone >from the chat screen>Navigate to menu> WhatsApp web
  • Now scan the QR code to the victims WhatsApp Web

Download Clone WhatsWeb

Immediately it connects, you will begin to receive messages from the cloned whatsapp account.

However, one major drawback to this trick is that you need to have access to your victim’s whatsapp account to scan the QR code to activate it. Good thing is it’s just a one time activation, then you’re good to go.

That’s how you can check, spy and snoop on anyone’s whatsapp chat without them knowing but in some phones though, the owner is notified when whatsapp web is active.

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  1. leslie

    September 26, 2017 at 11:15 pm

    I was in a similar situation last year may when i started suspecting my Husband was cheating. so i hired a private detective/hacker to spy into my husband email, facebook, photos on his phone and whatsapp . i will recommend you follow my foot step. you can contact the detective/hacker via mail at [email protected] !! You can let him know that it was sarah that refereed you.

    • Emychillz

      September 27, 2017 at 5:09 am

      Hahaha…. hope you caught him.

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