Best Free Movie Download Websites To Legally Download From in 2018

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Movies have become an integral and popular culture in the world modern world we live in today. People love to watch movies. Reason why movie making companies like Marvel, DC etc spend millions of dollars to make blockbuster movies. Movie Streaming websites like Netflix, HBO, Amazon have also created a large catalog of movies on their platform to enable users have access to movies. However, this website of course offer paid features.

This is the reason why a lot of people prefer downloading movies from pirate websites because they are free of charge. Do a search on Google right now on ‘free movie download’, you will be graced with a plethora of sites offering you free download to movies.

The negative consequence in downloading from this free download sites is they are illegal and most importantly, you might download virus and malware which would create problems for you as they infected your device. In this article, I will enlist the top five movie websites where you can download movies legally and free of charge .



The Internet Archive is a massive repository of movies, music, and books. With simple navigation and download options, you are availed hundreds of movies for free which you can download via torrents. Movies on The Internet Archive include popular movies like the original Jungle Book, Farewell to Arms, Iron Mask, Night of the Living Dead, The Brother from Another Planet, and much more…

Since this site uses torrent links, download links are fast and easy. New contents are also been added everyday, so there is a large collection of movies you can choose from.


Retrovision is an amazing and fun packed website to download movies for free. It boasts of a large reservoir of movies which properly categorized. There are a lot of classic and free TV shows on Retrovision.

Retrovision has a carefully designed genre-specific menus and categories such as Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Cartoons, Sci-Fi, Horror, War, Drama, Westerns etc which makes it easy and fast to search for movies. You can also click on the All Movies List button to view a long list of all movies on the website at once.


YouTube is the largest and the most popular video streaming website in the world. It was created in 2006 and since then, it has evolved into one of the biggest video platforms in the world. YouTube also has channels that upload some movies and TV shows into playlists. You can watch all of this for free. If you want, you can bookmark your favorite movies on YouTube app and watch them all without having to pay a dime.


Crackle is an awesome website with a lots of movies to watch. Created by Sony, there is a voluminous number of movies availed to you all for free.

Movie types available on Crackle include classic popular movies, TV shows and much more. However, there are a few intrusions of ads and commercials when using the platform. Aside from that, it’s a of great site to watch movies for free. Android and iOS apps of Crackle are also available for download.

  1. VIMEO:

Vimeo is more like a great alternative to YouTube. It is the very first video streaming website to support HD upload and streaming. Created in 2006, the video streaming/sharing platform allows users to upload, share and view videos in whatever quality you want. It is second best to YouTube in terms of size and popularity. Movie categories on Vimeo range from science fiction videos to documentaries and even much more.

Vimeo app is also available for download for your smartphone with which you can download and stream videos right on your mobile device, anywhere you go. You can also stream videos right to to your TV via your Chromecast, Roku, Xbox, or Apple TV.


Open Culture is not just a movie site. It includes an avalanche and deep knowledge of information ranging from movies, online courses, and also language lessons. All this are made available to you for free without having to pay a penny. Open Culture has 6 major ssection which are:

  • Movies,
  • Online courses
  • Language lessons
  • e-Books
  • Textbooks
  • Audiobooks

The Movies section which is our main priority here consists of an excellent array of Oscar Winning Movies and a much more which of course you get for free. Open Culture is one of the best free movie download sites currently.



Haha! I guess the name is a giveaway already. Classic Cinema Online is one of the largest and enormously detailed movie sites with a lot of classic movies. If you are a fan of classical movies with a tint of western ideas. This site is for you. Filled with the vintage white and black screen color, Classic Cinema Online boasts of Classics such as the very first and original Lone Ranger film, Gregory Peck’s Moby Dick, the 1952 Mutiny, 1932 Secret of Dr. Kildare and much more… It’s a vintage movie world.

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