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Awesome Google Chrome Shortcuts, Tips And Tricks You Need to Know

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Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers here on earth. It’s simplicity and speed in terms of usage seems to be unparalleled by another. It is a known fact that 45% of web browsers on the internet is powered by Google Chrome and to be candid, I am big fan of Google Chrome. In this article, I will teach you a few Shortcuts, tips and tricks that will help boost up and maximize your Google Chrome usage to give you that seamless use of the awesome web browser. Let’s get started with Google Chrome shortcuts that will help increase the speed with which you work with Google Chrome.

Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are some common Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts that will help save your time when Google Chrome

  • Ctrl+T – Open New Tab
  • Ctrl+N- Open New Window
  • Ctrl+W – Close Current Tab
  • Ctrl+Tab- View Next Tab
  • Ctrl+L- Put Cursor in Search Bar
  • Ctrl+R- Reload Current Page
  • Ctrl+F- Open the Find Bar
  • Ctrl+D- Bookmark the Current Page
  • Ctrl+J- Open Downloads Page
  • Ctrl+Enter- Add ‘www.’ and ‘.com’ to input in address bar and open the corresponding URL

Would you like to know more Shortcuts, simply visit this link:

Google Chrome Auto-Sync Feature

This is my favorite feature when it come to Google Chrome usage. With this feature, you can auto-sync web pages and tabs that you visited anywhere using your Gmail account. This helps a lot as you don’t have to start typing and memorizing websites that you visited in another smartphone. This websites and pages automatically get saved into your Gmail account and they appear on any smartphone or PC you log into with your Gmail account when using Google Chrome. Just check out the recent pages or tabs option on your Google Chrome browser and you will see a long list of pages and tabs you visit previously. You can also save pages and bookmarks and they will automatically get synchronized to your Google account.

How to reduce amount of data usage on Google Chrome

Browsing with Google Chrome on your smartphone might consume a high amount of data if you do not know the ‘know how’ to effectively conserve your data. Google Chrome is a web browser that loads virtually everything on a web page bringing you all the details visible on that page all to the detriment of your data. Reason why most people complain Google Chrome consumes a lot of data. Good news is Google has created a solution for this, a feature called “Data Usage Saver” in the Google Chrome app. This will solve the problem of high data usage as this feature will help conserve your data when browsing the internet with Google Chrome. Here is how to turn it on. Simply open Google Chrome, navigate to Settings-> Data Saver -> Turn On Data Saver. You can now browse the web for less data.

How to play media files in Google Chrome


I can bet a whole lot of people do not know about this. Do you know you can play different dimensions of media files on Google Chrome such as (.avi, .mov, .mp4, .mp3, .mkv, .ogv, .ogm,.webm, .wav etc). All you need to do is drag and drop the file into the search-bar and that’s it, the media file will begin to play.

You can also view other files such as images, Microsoft Office files and PDF files etc on Google Chrome.

Play the Desert Dino Run game in Google Chrome


I must confess, this is one of my favorite feature which I play sometimes when I feel bored on Google Chrome. Google built in a game system into Chrome that enables users to play whenever they are having a downtime online. This feature in form of a T-Rex usually pops up when a web page is having a downtime or isn’t connecting. All you have to do is tap on the screen and the T-Rex will begin to move. Try it out and enjoy the game. It’s pretty basic.

Calculator & Unit Converter using the Search Bar on Google Chrome


Google Chrome also has a calculator/converter feature that helps to easily convert units or values quickly without you having you having to dial numbers on that calculator. Simply input the units into the search bar and see how fast and awesome this feature is.

Google Chrome Flags feature


Google Chrome flags is a feature that enables users to use features that have not been fully implemented on Google Chrome or features that are considered not standard yet. However, these features might turn out to be really handy but keep in mind that these features might be buggy and cause your system to crash. Meanwhile, you can try them out anyways and if you do not like, you can remove them right away.

To enable the chrome flags feature, simply type chrome://flags in the search bar and enable any feature you wish to on the list.

  • Enable Multilingual Spellchecker- This feature enables users to allow spellchecking on multiple languages when using Google Chrome
  • Download Resumption- This feature allows for resumption of downloads which have been stopped or broken due slow internet or break in internet connection.
  • Password Generation- This feature gives Chrome the power to automatically create passwords for you when it detects new account pages on tabs. This feature might be helpful because the passwords created by Chrome will be very strong and cannot be cracked or hacked.
  • Mute Tabs- This feature gives you the ability to mute tabs if you have multiple tabs auto-playing audios in them.

Do you know more awesome features that I haven’t listed here. Kindly tell us in the comment box.. Endeavor to share

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