How To Activate 100% Double Data Plans On MTN, GLO, AIRTEL AND 9MOBILE.

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How To Activate 100% Double Data Plans On MTN, GLO, AIRTEL AND 9MOBILE.

You must be missing out big time if you are not enjoying the double data offers from MTN, AIRTEL, GLO AND 9MOBILE. This plans have been running for quite sometime now such as the MTN Double Data Plans I published a while ago.

Similarly, I’ve been flexing the Airtel 6GB for N1500 for weeks now and trust me, it’s an amazing experience. There is nothing as sweet as awoof😂.

Let’s get started quickly with MTN and it’s double data plan.

  1. How To Activate 100% MTN Double Data Offer.





MTN, the biggest telecom company in Nigeria coupled with this amazing double data offer and their vast internet coverage giving you a seamless and ultra fast browsing experience usable with this double data plan.

Normally, MTN gives you this double data offer automatically but if they don’t, there’s a way out.

Simply text Double, Promo or Free to 131 as text message to manually activate the double data offer.

After getting a reply, you can then recharge, buy data and get your double data. To purchase data, simply dial *131#. To check your data, dial *131*4# or text 2 to 131.

Please note this highly depends on eligibility.


  1. How to Activate 100% Airtel Double Data Offer





One thing I like about Airtel is the speed they offer when it comes to downloading. Their double data offer is also very enticing as they offer 6GB for N1500. Nice isn’t it, considering how much other telecom companies offer for that price.

Simply dial *144#, follow instructions and purchase any of the data plans that suits you and voilà, you data gets double immediately.

To check your data, simply dial *140#. You should know Airtel Double Data offer is available for six months and the durability of your double data depends on the type of data purchased, maybe daily, weekly, or monthly.

Please Note that Airtel Double Data offer is not based on eligibility and is available for everyone on the smartphone network, Airtel.

  1. How To Activate 100% Glo Double Data Offer.




Glo, popular known as the Grandmaster of Data here in Nigeria due to the massive amount of data they offer for a relatively reasonable price. Glo doesn’t require eligibility or any specific codes to subscribe to their double data offer. How do you get the double data offer then?

It is quite simple, simply purchase any of their official data plans, enable auto renewal and as soon you have exhausted the previous data plan, the next data plan you purchase gets doubled automatically.

  1. How To Activate 100% 9mobile Double Data Offer






The double data bonus offer of 9mobile isn’t based on eligibility but on the tariff plan you are on. If you are using 9mobile network, you can migrate to Morecliq tariff plan by simply dialing *244*1# to enjoy the offer.

After successful migration, dial *545# and activate the 100% double data offer.

Now subscribe to any data plan and get your data doubled immediately.

Dial *228# to check your data.


Note – Most data plans here are valid for six months and stop working after that time frame especially MTN and Airtel.

Which ones are you using, which do you think is the best, tell us? 😉


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